Friday, September 15, 2006

Germany Visits Scotland

Check out the Castlegate webcam and you will see firsthand the German Festival of the Sea in action. It is a 10 day outdoor market mainly focused around fish, but there are tons of other booths, including an onsite bakery where you can smell the woodburning stove right next to the stand. There are several beer pavilions, some candy shops, a creperie, and a little tent full of amber jewelry. We stopped by today on our way down to Asda (British Wal-mart) and surveyed the landscape. They were just opening up and the air was thick with all sorts of smells -- meats and sweets and beer. Tomorrow we're planning to go down and enjoy a nice German lunch. I'll tell you all about it afterwards. Oh and I hear they're planning a German Christmas market in December. Who knew Scotland would include 2 free trips to Germany?!?

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