Thursday, October 26, 2006

Scottish Humor

I have to share this joke with you. It made both Trey and me laugh very hard.

When God created Scots he brought the angel Gabriel around to check out the handiwork. Gabriel was amazed, "Look at the country you are giving them; mountains and valleys, rivers and coasts, woodlands and fields. You have given them the best country in the world!" Then God said, "And look at what I've given them to drink. I call it whiskey." Gabriel drank it and his eyes popped out, "Wow! This stuff is incredible! You've given them the best drink in the world!" Then God said, "And look at how adventurous and brave their men are. And see how fair and loyal their women are." Gabriel said, "Yes, you've certainly given the Scots the best men and women on earth. But Lord, now that you've given them the best of everything, don't you think they will become spoiled and ungrateful?" God said, "No. Just wait and see what neighbors I give them."

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