Friday, August 25, 2006

Three Days and Counting

Trey flies home from Atlanta today, and we can't wait to see him. The past few days have been hectic but very productive. The dining room is covered with boxes and suitcases. The bookshelves are empty. The walls are bare. We are coming down to the wire. Today we tackle the last of the things in the attic and try to make a big dent in the kitchen. I've been giving away all sorts of goodies out of the pantry: cooking oil, rice, spices, liquor. It's like Christmas in August.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Our 10x10 storage unit is half full, but it seems like we're not half done with packing. How does that work exactly? At least the library is completely boxed up and resting comfortably in its new climate-controlled abode. What's left? All the millions of little odds 'n' ends that I think will drive me to an early grave or at least pre-natal drinking (I promise I'm kidding).

We are down to our final week in the USA...