Thursday, January 4, 2007


Today we lost our second recycle bucket and bag since we arrived. They blew away in 35 mph winds. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, the North Sea wind is a fearsome entity with which to contend, especially in the winter. We've grown accustomed to its roaring effect over our chimney, something akin to a great giant blowing across the top of an enormous Coke bottle. But every once in a while it still catches our notice and today was just such a day. As you can see from the chart above, once the sun sets, the winds die down. Not sure why this is, but the meteorological phenomena that we've observed here, such as extremely low flying clouds and high winds, make me want to learn more about weather and how it all works. And on my to-do list for tomorrow? Contact the City Council for our third recycle bucket and bag. Sigh.

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Mom said...

A woman after my own heart. Among the many things I would love to be when I "grow up," one is a meterologist.