Monday, February 5, 2007

King's Cottage

This morning, as I sat in my usual spot on the couch, sipping my coffee and enjoying the swirling flakes of snow that (unfortunately) just frosted the tops of the cars, I caught sight of the magnificent crown tower at King's College Chapel. We are so blessed here on Orchard Road to have a partial view of this magnificent structure, and it looks particularly picturesque in the snow. But of course, back to reality, I have to share a humorous story about it with you.

Trey, as I'm sure none of you will find surprising, is on a quest to increase Addison's vocabulary with interesting $10 words. The latest? King's College. From our bedroom window you can get a much fuller view of the Chapel, and Trey will hoist Addison up to the windowsill and say, "Addison. Say King's." And Addison will reply, "King's." And then Trey will return, "Say College." And Addison will proudly announce, "Cottage." The first time I heard him say it I busted out laughing. The thought of this grand insitution reduced to "cottage" status makes me giggle inside.

We joke that when Addison gets older and is ready for University, he will attend King's Cottage, the lesser known of the schools comprising the University of Aberdeen.

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