Friday, August 3, 2007

20 for 20

Yesterday, to my great delight, I discovered that Addison has finished cutting all 20 of his baby teeth. He got 2 of his 4 two-year old molars back in May, and since then I have periodically tried to check while he was brushing his teeth or laughing with his mouth wide open to see if the other 2 had finally popped through. He's been a slow teether (not getting his first tooth until almost 9 months old) and a grumpy one, so I have definitely been looking forward to this milestone. In the beginning it was easy to see when a new tooth cut through, but over time, it's become more and more difficult and the baby book has often read "noticed on mm/dd/yy" instead of a precise date.

Ah well, at least Addison has finished teething before Davis has started, which is more than we can say for potty training.

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