Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Face Lift: Day 3

Sickness has invaded our home. Everyone has been very healthy since the last bout with illness around the time of Davis's birth, but I guess it's to be expected with the colder weather arriving. This may actually be a blessing in disguise because when Addison is sick he's less energetic, more lethargic, and willing to lay around, a status conducive to our current self-imprisonment. All of the rooms are empty, but the spine of the house -- the hallway and stairwell -- to which everything is connected is sticky with paint and crowded with painters. We pretty much have to pick a room and stay there. Yesterday, one of the painters woke Davis up from his afternoon nap when he started to paint our bedroom door. I was NOT happy, especially since the night before Davis had cut his 2nd bottom tooth awaking in the night crying in pain. He desperately needed that nap, so today we asked them to start upstairs so that they would be finished there by the time the boys took their afternoon naps. We will all be relieved when this comes to an end.

I've been going back through the pictures we took last year of our home and I'm really eager to do updates although the true final updates won't happen until the carpet is laid. Stay tuned.

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