Friday, September 21, 2007

Professor Holloway, I Presume

Well, not technically Professor Holloway because at Aberdeen you're only called Professor if you hold the chair in a department, so I am using it in the looser, American sense of the word, but regardless, I am so proud of Trey for landing a Teaching Fellowship in Church History at the University for this academic year. During the fall he will be teaching 2 Scottish Reformation courses -- one to undergrads and the other to postgrads. In the spring he will be teaching a course on Medieval Church History. His first class is Monday morning. Yikes! The word came in very late in the game, as in he just found out definitively this Thursday. He's trying to cope as best he can with pulling all the materials together for the first class and grappling with the administrative expectations and differences between the American and UK systems. For example, grading here is done on a scale of 1-20 not A, B, C like we're all used to. However, as is true with most things here, they have a way of all falling into place in the end, a sort of pessimistic optimism, if you will. We both are humbled by the tremendous opportunity in this smiling providence, a gift above and beyond what we ever expected to get out of our experience here. It will undoubtedly keep Trey very busy, but I have a feeling it will also keep him focused, and I foresee a productive and very profitable autumn ahead.


John & Mindy McCracken said...

Trey & Becky, that is wonderful! Congrats!

Rachel Green said...

Wow! That's awesome, Becky! What a blessing and a great opportunity.

John & Mindy McCracken said...

I noticed that John already posted a comment, but I just read the post... WOW! What an honor! Congratulations! We will be praying for Trey as he scrambles to get his lesson plans together and learn the system.