Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I grew up in a dog household, and besides a suspicious distrust of the independent feline, I am, in fact, fiercely allergic to them. So imagine my surprise when my dear sweet boy Addison fell in love with the many cats that have overrun our back garden. Yes, we are a veritable sanctuary for every brand of stray cat you can imagine. Come to think of it, I'm not sure they actually are strays. More likely, they are of the roaming, outdoor variety as they seem amply fed, content to sun themselves on our patio rather than forage for scraps. Addison is completely enchanted with them and will sit for many minutes on end (an eternity for a toddler) watching these creatures lounge on our back steps waiting for an invitation to enter. One of Addison's favorite books from the library right now is called I Like Cats. Not sure how I feel about this book, but before I offend my potentially cat-loving audience, let me say that I am softening to them since they have become such a fixed part of our house's landscape. This allergy-ridden dog-lover may learn to like cats yet.


Mom said...


I love the cats that wander through and visit in your back garden. Imagine this from the matron of the dog-loving household you grew up in. These cats remind me of the kind of cats people had when I was a girl, including my family before we moved over to dogs. Before moving to Jersey inthe 60's, I had never heard of a litter box. When the cat needed "to go" we put them outside to "do their business." When we went on vacation, even for a couple of weeks at a time, we would put the cat out and leave food with the neighbor. Our cat would live under the porch during those times. I suspect that when Addison gets to visit with the cats in his neighborhood, it's because the owner has put them out for the day while he/she is at work, or they've been put out to do their business. The more I visit Aberdeen and the more I visit your blog, the more I feel like Aberdeen is very close to Media in the 50s.



Carroll said...

i am also allergic to cats as is my mother.... you should get Trey to do an impression of mom saying that she is "deathly allergic to cats" ...perhaps i'll post a video on facebook so you can get the full effect. its hilarious. really.