Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Gate's Back Up

As of two days ago, Davis pulled to standing for the first time. I was sitting in the kitchen and Davis was playing at my feet. He started squawking, and when I looked down to see what was the matter, he had pulled himself up using the rung of my chair and wasn't quite sure what to do with himself. Then today he pulled himself to standing holding onto the couch. Since the painters were here months ago, the stairgate has remained in the basement. Addison is now sufficiently old enough to be told to stay away from the stairs and he has an adequate sense of danger to proceed with caution when he is on them. However, Davis has no such safety awareness, and this afternoon while Addison sat on the bottom step and I put on his shoes, Davis managed to pull himself up onto that first step and then sit down semi Indian style. Had I not been right there, he could have very easily toppled backwards. So down to the basement to retrieve the gate. Ah, just when you begin to relax the baby proofing, the fun begins anew.


Anonymous said...

Dear Beck,

Yep, I definitely think Davis is going to give you a run for your money.



Snappy McSparagus said...

"Ah, just when you begin to relax the baby proofing, the fun begins anew." Ditto THAT. We're in the same boat. I love your updates.