Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Green Man in Our House

You may remember the Green Man post from a while back. Well, this Christmas Trey received a gift set from one of my brothers which included a history of the Green Man as well as his very own miniature replica to hang on one of our walls. Gag gift? Perhaps, but we have taken it deadly seriously. We have now found the perfect resting place for this funny-looking gentleman. His perch above our mantle could be viewed as slightly disconcerting, a nod to the head in The Wizard of Oz, but I like to think of it as reassuring, a grandfatherly eye watching out for us. The decorating standard is definitely different when you're renting.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! We were just talking about the Grrreen Mahn a couple of minutes ago.



Anonymous said...

I NATH was the giver of said gift, and it most certainly was no GAG!