Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Word on Trey

Trey called last night around 5pm to let us know he had arrived in Oxford. Thankfully the snow in Aberdeen did not delay the flight to London. Travel by bus from London to Oxford went smoothly and he had located his lodging at Keble College (more on that in a future post) without incident. He'd even squeezed in some picture taking along the way. He was off to find the Eagle and Child for some dinner, the famed pub in Oxford known as the hangout for such literary giants as J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis. Ten quid to the first person who can guess what he had. Fish and chips, of course.

This morning he called right before heading off to the Bodleian Library to do some archival research. I gave him our update, which includes Davis taking a turn for the worse with his chest infection. He's been running a temperature since last night. Pray for his swift healing as he is not doing well. Also the snow has continued off and on with blizzard-like conditions one minute, glorious sun the next. Addison did better this morning talking to his dad. Yesterday evening he could barely squeak out between sobs, "Daddy, will you hold me?" Yeah, that one hurt. One day down, three and a half to go.

The famous Radcliffe Camera, part of the University of Oxford Library and next to the Bodleian, which makes you swear an oath not to kindle a flame or bring a sheep inside before they grant you a library card.

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Sarah said...

It's my old stomping grounds! How I miss them. Isn't that Bodleian Library oath amusing? It's this whole ceremony you have to go through when you get your card. So British! I'm praying for Trey and little Davis.