Monday, May 26, 2008


Photo courtesy of Martin Bedrock at flickr.


See to the North, where lofty hills surround,
A sister goddess hold her stately seat;
King Phoebus moderates the air around,
Nor piercing cold prevails, nor scorching heat.
Old ocean hither rolls her fruitful tide,
With fishy rivers and the pearly stone,
While frankness, mirth, and plenty here preside,
And grateful guests behavior decent own.
Ancient nobility, whose best support
Is ancient wealth, and inbred valour here
Prevail: here Justice holds her righteous court,
Honour and arts in rivalry appear.
All to this city yield, no art can paint
Her honours due; invention's stroke is faint.

John Johston's tribute to his native city.

Trey shared this wonderful poem with me this morning found in William Keith Lesk's compilation Musa Latina Aberdonensis. The editor adds his own wry comment, "The praise of the climate has not been endorsed by strangers generally."

Photo courtesy of George Bewsher on flickr.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Beck,

I just love the fact that Trey shares poetry with you.