Thursday, February 19, 2009

March 11th

We have a date. At my pre-natal appointment yesterday, my doctor (the kind who helps people, haha, see post below) scheduled my induction for Wednesday, March 11th. Barring an unforeseen, early arrival, we should meet our little girl 3 weeks from yesterday. It's such a departure for me to know EXACTLY when we will be having this baby and has provided me with a great deal of psychological strength to get through these last few weeks with the aches and pains and restless nights. To know at the very least I don't have to go late, unlike with my two boys, and even better I get to go 5 days early seems so luxurious. When the receptionist called the hospital to put me on the schedule and asked for the medical indication necessitating the induction, her eyes got really big when my doctor said, "Previous home delivery." It's funny to watch people's different reactions to the news. Yesterday my doctor told me that in all his years as an OB he has never attended to an emergency delivery in public like that. He sounded almost disappointed having apparently toted around an emergency delivery kit in his car for years on the off chance that he would stumble upon a woman delivering a baby in the middle of Wal-mart. Poor guy. Maybe someday he'll get his wish. I, on the other hand, one of the unlucky 1-2% of women who experience precipitous labor, am hoping to avoid a repeat living room scenario and scheduling the induction brought us one step closer to that.


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad you have a date set, and that you won't have to go late...and I hope that your little girl allows you to get to the hospital in time, in case she decides to come early!

babyyahyah said...

thats exciting. can't wait to hear all the good news on the 11th then. happy labour vibes your way.

Susanna... said...

all 3 of mine were induced...all for different reasons! And even though I didn't always want it that way, it does have it's benefits...i hope this gives you a calmer and more enjoyable labor & delivery! Also, Abby's birthday is March what a good choice! :)