Monday, June 1, 2009

Diagnosis: Croup

Sickness continues in the Holloway house. Late Saturday night Evie developed a dry, barky cough. Although it didn't keep her up, it sufficiently distracted me with worry that my dreams were unsettled and I woke feeling exhausted. A call to the doctor in the morning produced the telephonic diagnosis croup. Croup is apparently not so much an illness unto itself as a collection of symptoms produced by illness, in this case probably some sort of virus. As you know, there's been plenty of it going around our house (Trey being the latest casualty). As of yesterday, she had no fever and was eating well. The doctor recommended steaming up the bathroom to help open her windpipe (croup affects the windpipe, not the lungs) if she had a bad coughing spell or couldn't get enough air. Today has been worse than yesterday. She does not have a fever, but she is not feeding well and is full of nasal congestion, which is also making her cough sound more wet and less barky. I find this all more stressful than I care to admit. I finally "tricked" her into eating right after lunch going on five hours between feeds by lulling her to sleep in my arms, popping out her binky, and slyly inserting breast. It worked, much to my great surprise. She is now napping deeply in her bassinet and I pray that this first virus passes quickly. It doesn't matter that she's my third child. Seeing their little bodies weighed down by sickness in this broken world doesn't get any easier.

In other Evie news, today she is 12 weeks. It doesn't seem like that much time has passed, so imagine my surprise in discovering that she will be three months old next week. She looks more and more like a baby and less and less like a newborn every day. She has started to coo a little although you really have to work it out of her. Although she seems to be the most physically active of the three so far (her arms and legs and head NEVER stop moving), she is definitely the quietest. I can only imagine she's just soaking it all in with those enormous blue eyes. Perhaps she will be one of those who has little to say but when she speaks it is always wise. Or perhaps she's just saving it all for when we least expect it. Regardless, I love to hear her tiny girly voice which is soft and gentle and worth the coaxing effort.


And, of course, the added bonus of this video is that you get to hear Trey's girly voice.

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Amie Vaughan said...

such a sweet little voice! evie's as well. ;)

i hope she gets better soon, poor thing. and poor you! i'll be praying for y'all. =)