Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Auld Toon House

As a follow-up to my homesick post, I have to share a bit of University news. Although Trey is not a writer on this blog, he has always played an active role in feeding me topic ideas, blog titles, and photographs. Yesterday he drew my attention to this news release on the University's website. Apparently, restoration on the belltower of the Old Town House (or Auld Toon House in Doric) was just recently completed and Thursday they began ringing the bells every hour on the hour. The Old Town House is currently an information center for Old Aberdeen and the University. It sits at the head of High Street, the main street which runs past King's College. The bells have lain silent since the 1950s but have a voice once more thanks to a £2,000 fundraising effort.

I had a feeling that if I searched YouTube I would be able to find footage of the first bell-striking, and, sure enough, I was not dissappointed. Here it is, the ringing of the bells at the Auld Toon House, a structure dating back to the late 18th-century brought to you courtesy of the technology of the early 21st.

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Mark and Rachel said...

You beat me to it!! The bells are awesome :) I got to hear them while working there on Friday. It was so quaint. Perfect for the feel of Old Aberdeen.

And btw, your picnic in Seaton today would have been very soggy....not much consolation, though, is it?!