Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rob Roy

Allow me to introduce the latest craze with the Holloway boys. $1 DVDs from the dollar store. Trey discovered Rob Roy and Don Quixote, but Rob Roy has fast become the favorite. I'm not surprised.

It has elicited some amusing comments from the boys, including, "Why don't they speak English?" You would laugh too if you heard the cartoon voices in a thick, Scottish brogue. And an interesting side note, my own maiden name, Fletcher, is a clan that has been linked by blood to Rob Roy as well as credited with saving his life once.

Scotland is never far from our hearts.

More Pictures from the Shoot

Rachel posted some more photos on her photography blog from the photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. You can see some more of the photos here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Share Me

Those crazy kids at Blogger...What will they come up with next?

You will now find convenient share buttons at the bottom of each post. You know, in case you wanted to pass along an interesting tidbit gleaned here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Badge of Courage

You know, it's funny. Just a week ago I was commenting to Rachel how nice it was to live just a few blocks from the hospital and then added, "Not that we've had to use it yet." Famous last words.

We blessed Kennedy Memorial Hospital with a first visit last night. After dinner, Trey and I took the kids to a nearby park. We had been there Sunday night and were serenaded to much clamoring for a repeat trip. A wicked thunderstorm was brewing. You could hear the distant rumblings of thunder, but since it's so close we decided to risk it and drive just in case. Good decision as it turned out.

After about 20 minutes it became clear that the storm was about to unleash and we began the task of rounding up the kids. Addison was swinging on one of the swings. As he slowed, he decided to take a leap off. Misjudging the landing, he landed flat on his back, snapping his head back painfully on the grass. I immediately knew he would be stunned and cry, which he promptly did, but I was unprepared for the copious amounts of blood flowing freely down his neck. I took my hand and applied pressure. Blood oozed between my fingers and I began to panic. I am not afraid of blood, but I was very concerned about the severity of the injury. Trey called 911 while Addison kept saying to me, "Am I going to die?" Wow, that's a fear you don't want your 5 year old worrying about. "No!" I downplayed it, "You're going to be just fine. You just got a little cut. It's no big deal," trying to convince myself as much as him.

Davis began shrieking when he saw all the blood. There was a lot. In retrospect it was really interesting how the whole thing affected him, Davis full of empathy and concern for his brother and having difficulty when they were separated at the hospital.

The cops arrived within 2 minutes and began cleaning Addison up. The wound, as it turned out, was very small. The paramedics were prevented from making a speedier response by a train impeding their path. Once they arrived, the policeman had wound a bandage around Addison's head and he was substantially calmer. The cops told him he had been their best patient in a long time and they smiled, "You sure do ask a lot of questions." "Welcome to our world," I laughed.

We opted to drive Addison the few short blocks to the hospital's ER. I dropped Trey off (Addison's choice) and took the other two home to bed. Evie was exhausted, but Davis struggled to settle down without his buddy in his bed. He didn't finally fall asleep until nearly 11pm. Trey and Addison waited several hours in the ER only to find out that the wound didn't even need stitches. Thank goodness! We both just felt you couldn't mess around with a head injury. The police informed us that head injuries tend to bleed copiously, but I was also concerned about injury like concussion although it seemed unlikely since he hadn't lost consciousness and wasn't complaining of blurred vision or nausea.

Trey and Addison walked the three blocks home once discharged so that I didn't have to wake the other two. The doctor gave us a script for anti-biotic ointment and instructions to follow-up with our pediatrician to check for infection in a few days. Addison was rewarded with several edible treats when he got home. He had, after all, been very brave and waited a very long time in a boring hospital ER. Definitely deserved some ice cream. Once in his pjs with teeth brushed, he promptly fell asleep.

Quite a way to end the day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Review Brewing...Literally

I have a special post coming. The lovely folks at CSN (remember the giveaways they've done before?) have asked me to review one of the coffee grinders they sell at, one of their 200 online retail stores. At you can find every kitchen gadget imaginable from garlic presses to a huge selection of le creuset items and everything in between.

Good thing about this item? I have two pounds of whole bean Kenyan Starbucks coffee waiting to be ground. I won them for helping to name my dear internet and writing friend par excellence Mari's blog, Tamara Out Loud, a few months back. I've mentioned her before. If you haven't checked her out, it's definitely worth it. Quite the wit. Transparent and genuine about her faith and her struggles, but in a non-preachy and usually comedic way. Mosey on over. You won't regret it, and stay tuned for my review. I've used quite a few coffee grinders in my day, and I consider myself well beyond a novice.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Trey's Dream House

This is Trey's favorite house in Cape May. It is a private residence in the midst of the B&B district and therefore has an amusing sign on the front gate which testily declares "Private Residence". I snicker a little imagining enraptured tourists traipsing up the front steps asking if there is any room in the inn?

I love the gardening and the woodwork but shutter a little at the thought of the painting being fresh off a painting project ourselves. Look at the detail.

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Our love for kite flying has not diminished. Remember this?

This kite was sadly lost shortly after these pictures were taken, and I have no one to blame but myself. Well, actually Genevie. She batted at my face while I was holding baby and kite string. Lost my grip and watched the wind carry it away.

Undeterred we bought another, better one, a box kite which flies beautifully.

Davis was particularly enraptured by the kite, which brings back such happy memories of his first kite flying experience in Aberdeen where the wind is always perfect for kite flying.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Graduation Memory

This photo just makes me happy. Trey just discovered it on the University of Aberdeen website. You can see the other graduation photos from the November ceremony here.

Meet Phil

Who would live in such a hole? And where would such a hole be found?

Answers: A groundhog. In our backyard.

Meet Phil.

"Phil? Like the groundhog Phil?"

"Like the groundhog Phil." (nod to Groundhog Day)

Yes, that furry little critter now resides in our backyard, munching contentedly on the apples dropping from our neighbor's tree and stealing blackberries from her wild bush.

Trey surreptitiously snagged these photos, leaning around the side of our front porch and zooming in as much as possible, hence some of the fuzziness. He's a skittish little feller. And a fat one too. I'd say he's about 20" high and fairly wide as this backside shot demonstrates.

We discovered that Addison saw him long before we spotted him on Sunday. Apparently one day when he was taking trash out to the cans in our garage he saw what he thought was a "fat squirrel". Very fat indeed.

Here you can see his tail, which is what ultimately clued us in to his true identity. We were debating between gopher and groundhog. They look similar and are both found in this area, but the groundhog has a 6" tail, which Phil does as well.

Here, if you look very closely, you can see him darting under the ramp leading to the white shed in the church playground behind our house. Evidently he wanders between the two yards.

We're not exactly sure what to do about him. Any suggestions?

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Wedding

This past Saturday, my sister Sarah and her fiance Matt made their vows before almighty God in holy matrimony. I had the privilege to be her matron of honor and see the day at close hand from the beginning activity with makeup and bustling to the final tears during the evening's toasts. From start to finish it was breathtaking. Her dress was handmade in a very 1930's vintage style with exquisite lace and beadwork complemented by a birdcage veil and feather fascinator for her hair. The bridesmaids all wore different style dresses but in the same brilliant sapphire blue with peacock headbands in our hair.

Rachel Owens did the photography and this morning I discovered that she had sent a few photos by email to whet my appetite as she begins the real work of uploading and retouching the hundreds of other photographs she took. She especially wanted me to see a few of my dear husband, who I wed 10 1/2 years ago, and the resulting little ones as they partook in the ceremony from the vantage of the audience.

I encourage you to read her entry about the experience of photographing her first wedding. Very thoughtful. Rachel, it was such a pleasure to hang out with you again. It is wonderful to spend time with someone who really understands you because they've walked the same path too. If you happen to be in the Nashville area and in search of a fantastic photographer, contact her! Her work speaks for itself. Our photos that Trey mostly took of the wedding will be posted later this week. I started working on them last night and just plain ran out of time.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Starting Afresh

Do you see what I see?

We discovered early this week that the baby finches had taken flight, but look!

They're at it again.

Operation Nesting Round 2 has begun, this time in the eves of the porch.

I'm so glad they like us.

Photo Preview

For your viewing pleasure, a little preview of the photo shoot last night. We didn't quite manage a photo of all three of them looking at the camera. You can see in this picture Addison was struggling to be cheerful at all. He woke from a sound nap and was his usual disoriented self. It took a long time for him to warm up and by the time he had, Evie had melted down. So we'll try again at the wedding. In the meantime, however, linger over these breathtaking shots. Rachel is amazing.

This captures the essence of Davis, tinkly eyes, playful smile, mischievous head tilt. The child is just fun. He made this classic expression but the camera missed it. Clinging to a ray of hope, I said, "Davis, do it again," and without hesitation he complied. Got it this time!

Even a blade of grass can be a mechanized vehicle.

These summer seersucker suits were handmade by finehandmadeclothing on Etsy and is what the boys will be wearing to the wedding. Her work is just beautiful and if you're looking for something classic and keepsake quality, pop on over and check out her work.

Addison shared his missing tooth cavern and then it was Davis's turn. Looks more like a snarl but still definitely a typical Davis face.

Davis playing his favorite game, baseball.

Mama and Evie.

Although I don't have a full-length photo here to show you, Evie's dress was also handmade by the same person. Her dress is Swiss organdy and looks just like an heirloom.

Those eyes. They still catch my breath.

The following three photographs were the handiwork of Addison. Rachel was able to draw him out of his post-naptime funk by showing him the gadgetry of her camera. He was riveted and she patiently showed him how to focus the lens and take pictures. This is one he took of Davis in the playground behind our house.

This was his personal favorite, the Hollowaymobile.

And my favorite, one of Daddy. More to come. I promise.

The Interior Part I

I still have a few more vacation photos to post, but far more overdue are picture of the interior of the Jefferson as I am now fondly referring to our home.

Sidebar, last night a dear friend of mine from Aberdeen and newly launched photographer entrepreneur, Rachel Owens, came over to do a little photo shoot with the children but mostly to fellowship and catch up over grilled food and sweet laughter. She is in town to shoot my sister's wedding tomorrow, and it was so wonderful to reminisce over common experiences and share new ones lived in time apart. She spent many good times at our old home in Aberdeen, the Orchard, both with us and with subsequent families who now occupy it, which got me thinking that this "white house" on "Jefferson" deserves a name too. Monticello seems a little pretentious, so I'm going with "the Jefferson".

So welcome to the interior of the Jefferson. This is the living room by the front door. The couch and cocktail ottoman you see on the left-hand side are new additions to our family. Trey and I have wanted a leather couch for years, and we finally splurged on this purchase. Worth every penny! It is the most comfortable couch we've ever owned.

Anyone spot the vintage map print of Old Aberdeen?

Stairwell up.

View into the dining room converted living room extension. We plan to make it into a family room eventually with a loveseat and, yes, the mounted flatscreen. That will have to wait until another day though. And then if you peer very closely, the room all the way at the back of the house is Trey's study. You know the one with all the bookshelves and the bustes.

The master bedroom.

Next up, Part II with kitchen and study and other rooms.

Now please come and visit!