Monday, August 15, 2011

Life in August

Here we are, mid-August already, and I've written a meager one time. So it seemed appropriate to do a wrap-up of the Holloways' comings and goings this month. After I returned from a business trip to the west coast the last week of July, I needed a few days to recover. I took the red-eye home, which may or may not have been a wise choice, but certainly produced a hilarious story which I'll share with you this week. The joys of travel never cease.

The first week of August Addison and Davis attended a local Vacation Bible School, one incidentally that I had attended as a kid as well. It was their first experience with VBS, and they loved it. No pictures from the closing program, unfortunately. I forgot our camera and my phone camera just couldn't handle the low level of light inside the sanctuary. You'll just have to take my word for it that the irony of Addison digging for gold live on stage wasn't lost on us considering the week's theme, "Gold Rush".

Then Saturday we went to my uncle and aunt's house for a birthday celebration for my grandfather, who turned 89. The kids had a great time in the pool.


Then this Saturday we finally made it down the shore for a proper beach day. Our last trip to Cape May a month ago involved toes being dipped in the water, but this time we did the whole thing -- umbrellas, painting soups (Genevie speak for bathing suits), and lots and lots of sunscreen.

The seagulls were as aggressive as I've ever seen them, maybe even giving this infamous Aberdeen thief a run for his money. In order to enjoy any food, you had to hide under towels, a la Addison and Davis here, or run the risk of your food being dive-bomb-snatched out of your hand. We literally saw a gull steal a cracker out a baby's hand.

The children had a wonderful time and the surf was gentle and warm enough to take them out over their heads for some real swimming time. We enjoyed watching a school of dolphins swim by, and then we closed out the day with ice cream.

Stay tuned for my airplane story and a surprise visitor from last year. Any guess who it might be?

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