Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Weekend

We're well past Easter, but I needed to post these photos from that weekend, which kicked off with egg dyeing.

And then we did a little egg hunt in the backyard.

Easter morning we had three very eager little ones ready to dig into some chocolate early.

Addison has never met a piece of candy he didn't like. The kid's middle name is sweet tooth.

She's a sassy one and loves the camera.

And we even got several lovely family photos on Easter Sunday...

...unlike last year when we got none.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Astro

I'm in San Diego right now on business, and since I'm missing Addison's first AA game today, Trey sent me pictures of him in his brand new uniform.

My heart did a little leap when I saw them. He's so grown up and completely adorable...

...and all mine.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Day Off

Today was one of those lovely days that I wish didn't have to end. In fact, it was so wonderful that I'm skipping right over Easter to blog about it first. Trey had encouraged me to take Monday off work. The pace of my work schedule is pretty intense and weekends are not very relaxing with all the things that need to be done around the house, so taking a random day off, indeed, was just what the doctor ordered.

We headed down to our favorite place, Cape May. It was a perfect spring day -- mild and sunny, and bonus of all, when we got down the shore both Addison and I got some much-needed relief form our allergies. Whatever is pollinating right now in our area is not pollinating in Cape May, and we were symptom free all afternoon.

After a picnic lunch, the kids enjoyed some time at the park at Cape May Zoo. This time we skipped the animals, but enjoyed the beauty of the park.

We then visited the Aviation Museum at the Naval Air Station in Wildwood.

It was a huge hit. Since we'll be back in June for a week of vacation, we decided to get a year membership.

The smiling faces say it all. What could be better than airplanes and helicopters to climb in and through?

Davis loved the flight simulator. I think we may have a future pilot in the family.

Look at the size of that engine!

The museum even has an F-14 Tomcat, like Top Gun.