Thursday, February 21, 2013

Davis Turns 6

Well, this is seriously later than I had intended, considering Addison's birthday is tomorrow. Without further ado here is our one-of-a-kind middle child celebrating #6.

Opening presents at breakfast.

Birthday cake, which Davis proudly helped me make and decorate.

More presents.

Monday was Presidents' Day and we were all off work and school. So we spread the birthday love out and went to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

The last time I went to this museum I was in 1st grade. You can only imagine my surprise upon entering as an adult and discovering that the museum was not nearly as large as I remembered it.

It was a big hit with the kids. The museum is compact and has tons of exhibits that are geared for young kids.

In this exhibit the kids used metal scrapers to dig for fossils embedded in the rock. Complete with goggles, the kids loved it!

I know those look like real fish in a tank, but they were actually not alive.

Studying the museum map.

The panda diorama. Can I just say that dioramas are so cool.

The butterfly exhibit, which was my favorite part of the museum.

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