Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Week Recap

I'm glad to be this side of starting the Whole30 rather than where I was one week ago. I thought I'd randomly go through a few observations from the week as a way to recap.

The Good

  • I lost 5.2 pounds this week!
  • The carb flu is over.
  • I wake up feeling ready to start the day.
  • My energy levels during the day are starting to even out, feeling more consistent.
  • I feel satisfied between meals much longer than before.
  • I found some things at Whole Foods that I'd been looking for and couldn't get anywhere else, including Lara Bars, sulfite free balsamic vinegar, and compliant salsa.
  • I learned that Trey is in love with chocolate chili and this week so I made a double batch yesterday -- same amount of work, twice the number of meals.
  • My will power is strong. It is possible to take the kids to Chick-fil-A for Davis's birthday without eating a single waffle fry or nugget.

The Bad
  • The grocery bill is still high (nearly double). However, we're not eating out or buying booze, so I have a feeling that it's evening out anyway. Haven't done the math on that one, but it's a hunch.
  • The planning still feels like a lot of work, especially making sure we have enough protein for the week. We went through 5 dozen eggs last week! I'm hoping a did a more thorough job this week given what I've learned so far.
  • Yesterday I went to 5 grocery stores to get the things we needed. Some of it was just exploration, such as seeing what I could get at my local Indian/Asian grocer and discovering new things at Whole Foods. Even so, I felt like I was grocery shopping all day long.
  • Sodium metabisulfite is an additive to flaked coconut, so I couldn't buy it at my local Indian/Asian grocer. However, Whole Foods does have it additive free.
Overall it was an eye-opening and encouraging week. Yesterday's meals were a re-hash of things we'd already done this week so I won't be listing everything out, but look for new recipes in the coming days.

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Rachel said...

I totally hear you on the high food bill and the 5 grocery store thing. There are 5-6 stores I shop at. Some weekly, some monthly. I have learned to stock up on certain things knowing they will last all month. If you keep doing this something tells me you'd get to the same place. So impressed you guys are doing this! Keep up the good work! And thanks for the coconut chicken tip off. I hope I can make that sometime!

Rachel :)