Wednesday, May 8, 2013


You won't believe it, but I've started back on an old project -- putting each year's worth of blog entries into a blog book with Blurb. I was seriously behind. As in three and a half years behind. But I'm excited to say that I am now nearly caught up.

In the process of creating these blog books, it's been such a pleasure to read back through entries of events and anecdotes that I've long forgotten, and the pictures make it jump off the page and come alive. It made me realize that my blogging has definitely changed over the years, and one of the ways it's changed is that I no longer share on here the daily tid-bits or hilarious quips that the kids come up with nearly as much as I used to. These are -- to steal a line from the cotton commercials -- the fabric of our lives. Perhaps it's just the way our lives have been so infiltrated by social media, but I realize that I mostly put these funny stories up on Facebook. I think I want to be more intentional though about sharing them here too because Facebook doesn't lend itself to a memorialized volume, like the blog does. So without further ado, here's a little vignette from the other day.

While I was combing Genevie's hair the following interchange ensued:

Genevie: Mom, I can't wait until I'm five and then six and then seven.
Me: Why can't you wait until you're seven?
Genevie: Becuase then I can play chest (chess). That's what it says on the box.

Get this girl some chess lessons. 


bfletch9 said...

Wow, lovely, soulful thoughts beautifully written...I'm so impressed on both scores!

Uncle Bob

bfletch9 said...

Wow, lovely, soulful sentiments beautifully written... Becky, I'm so impressed on both scores....

Best, Uncle Bob