Friday, August 23, 2013

The Big Cut

I've been talking about getting Genevie's hair cut for quite awhile now. She has had it cut only once last year when we were in Atlanta for vacation, and really that was just a trim. I kept putting it off, not because I was dreading it but because it simply wasn't a priority.

Combing her hair out after a bath was always a challenge eclipsed only by the nightmare of brushing it out dry and styling it every morning. Tears were not uncommon, but somehow over time I think I became desensitized to just how freaking long it had gotten despite the daily unpleasantness of making it manageable. I mean, look at it. It was ridiculous. And then one day two weeks ago I'd just had enough.

I'd already investigated donating the hair and decided to go with the Pantene Beautiful Lengths hair donation program mainly because it only requires 8 inches (whereas Locks of Love requires 10), and I wasn't 100% sure how much hair we'd end up chopping off. In the end we had over 10 inches. Genevie was fully on board, but I really had no idea what a radical difference it would make once we made the big cut.

Of course, after I chopped off the pony tail we had to go to the hair dresser to get it evened out, and although it was shorter than I anticipated, it was so darn cute. I fell instantly in love with it, and more importantly, so did Genevie!

Look at that face.

She looks so grown up now.

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